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A new challenge for Turkish motor sports fans... 
GP2 will be more exciting with him

Turkey’s pride in the international automotive sports arena, Jason Tahinci is on Spain’s Valencia Circuit in the first GP2 race of the season racing for Petrol Ofisi FMS team…

Jason Tahinci has started racing when he was only 7 years old with his family’s support, who also have spent considerable efforts for motor sports. Jason has set his eyes on Formula1 but faced a technical problem during the qualification tours. Jason aims for the podium!
Distributed on 08/04/2006

Turkey’s pride in the international automotive sports arena, Jason Tahinci, who is racing in GP2 Championship this year for Petrol Ofisi FMS team, is opening a new era for the Turkish motor sports fans with the first leg of GP2, which is going to start in Spain’s Valencia Circuit.

GP2 Championship will run for total of twelve legs in line with the announced racing calendar and the Turkish fans will be able to applaud the first team racing with the sponsorship of a Turkish brand and the Turkish pilot Jason Tahinci in Istanbul Park on 25-27 August 2006

Jason Tahinci, together with his team mate, Italian Luca Filippi, is going to run after the victory for PO FMS team enriching the Turkey’s automotive sports agenda.

His guide is a Formula 1 driver...

Jason Tahinci is a pilot of FMS (Fisichella Motor Sport International) team that was founded by Giancarlo Fisichella, one of the successful names of Formula1 world and announced to race for Renault team. During the two seasons of this series that he is going to race, Jason Tahinci, is going after the traces of the Formula 1 man to reach his ultimate goal, Formula1. Jason Tahinci is racing for Petrol Ofisi that holds the title of being the first team that is sponsored by a Turkish brand in the international automotive sports arena. He is going to aim for the podium in 12 legs GP2 Championship with his experiences.

The first leg of GP2 Championship that starts on 8 April 2006, Saturday, will be a major test for Jason Tahinci, who has started his racing career when he was 7, as well as PO that has entered the international automotive sports arena for the first time. 

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