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A new challenge for Turkish motor sports fans... 
Jason had started but not finished!

Jason Tahinci, who is racing for Petrol Ofisi FMS team, started the race in the second leg of 2006 GP2 in Italy’s Imola Circuit -also known as ‘Ferrari Circuit’ but could not see the finish line as he left it on the 19th lap…

Distributed on 23/04/2006

Turkey’s pride in the international automotive sports arena, Jason Tahinci, who is racing in GP2 Championship this year for Petrol Ofisi FMS team, had started the race in Italy’s Imola Circuit good but he had to leave it without seeing the checkered flag.

Even though the software related problems were stated to be solved, PO FMS team consoled itself with Luca Filippi after the second leg of the eleven-leg GP2 Championship. The team’s “hope for good news” is postponed to the third leg of GP2, which will be held in Nurburgring on 5-7 May 2006. The team is the first team, which is racing in the international motor sports arena under the sponsorship of a Turkish brand and opened a new era for the Turkish motor sports fans.

Ernesto Viso made the best time in the second leg of 2006 GP2 Championship and reached to the victory after 25 laps.


Driver Team Points
1 Ernesto Viso iSport
2 Nelson Piquet Jr Piquet Sports
3 Hiroki Yoshimoto BCN
4 Timo Glock BCN
5 Luca Filippi PO FMS
6 Felix Porteiro Campos
7 Nicolas Lapierre Arden
8 Andreas Zuber Trident
9 Ferdinando Monfardini DAMS
10 Levis Hamilton ART
11 Alexandre Negrão Piquet Sports
12 Adam Carroll Racing Engineering
13 Sergio Hernandez Durango
14 Franck Perera DAMS
15 Fairuz Fauzy Super Nova
16 Clivio Piccione DPR
17 Tristan Gommendy iSport
18 Javier Villa Racing Engineering
19 Jose Maria Lopez Super Nova
20 Olivier Pla DPR
21 Jason Tahinci PO FMS
22 Gianmaria Bruni Trident
23 Michael Ammermüller Arden
24 Alexandre Premat ART
25 Adrian Valles Campos
26 Lucas Di Grassi Durango
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