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A new challenge for Turkish motor sports fans... 
Jason is seeking points in Germany
FMS, sponsored by Petrol Ofisi, has achieved its first podium experience in Grand Prix 2 (GP2) and it is now making plans to get more points with Jason Tahinci this time after Pantano's victory in the last race...
Distributed on 27/07/2006

FMS (Frisichella Motor Sport  International) team, sponsored by Petrol Ofisi, experienced its first victory in GP2 with Giorgio Pantano and went up to the podium in the last race. The team is now is making plans to get points with Jason Tahinci this time, who is supported by the Turks living in Germany.

Turkey’s pride in the international motorsports arena Jason Tahinci, who is racing for Petrol Ofisi FMS team this year, said that he is hoping that the unlucky incidences being experienced in the team since the beginning of the season would come to an end. Jason expressed his pleasure of seeing the Turkish motorsport fans in every racing circuit.

He invites his fans to read the recently launched Jason’s Diary section in web addressed and says “Find out what I go through before and after each race from my own words”.

The rules of GP2 is different...

Grand Prix 2, which is considered as the road to the Formula 1, has its own unique rules… Each leg in GP2 series is organized as two separate races. The starting places of the pilots in the first race are determined according to the results in the qualification tours and second race places are determined according to the first race results. However, the first eight pilot of the first race start from the reverse order from 8 to 1. The first and the second races are held in the same circuit but the number of tours may change.

According to the GP2 grading regulation; After the first race the first 8 pilots get 10/8/6/5/4/3/2/1 points respectively. The pilot, who starts at the pole position in the first race, gets 2 points and each pilot with the best time in both races get 1 point. After the second race the first 6 pilots get 6/5/4/3/2/1 respectively. General classification is determined by the total of points achieved in both races. Teams are listed according to the total points that the team’s two pilots achieve.

GP2 Championship consists of eleven legs and will be held in Istanbul Park between 25-27 August in line with the racing calendar. The race is aired on CNN Turk channel.

Jason Tahinci is hoping that the unlucky incidences being experienced in the team since the beginning of the season would come to an end... Please click on the photograph for HQ picture!

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