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A new challenge for Turkish motor sports fans... 
Jason's weekend in İstanbul Park!
Petrol Ofisi, the name sponsor of the F1 Turkish Grand Prix that will be ran this weekend, has already made a ‘double’ even before the race has started. Petrol Ofisi is also the first Turkish brand that gave a chance to a Turkish driver with its team...
Jason Tahinci, PO FMS driver in GP2 Championship, which is considered as the most challenging race after Formula 1, has undersigned a ‘first’ in this area and he is going to meet with his fans in İstanbul Park.
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Petrol Ofisi is the first Turkish brand in the international motorsports arena that formed a racing team. It is now preparing to make a ‘double’ before the race this weekend in İstanbul as the name sponsor of the F1 Turkish GP as well as with Jason Tahinci, the first Turkish driver, who is racing in the GP2 Championship, which is considered as the most challenging race after Formula 1.

PO is going to undersign many ‘firsts’ at the same time with F1 one side and GP2 the other side and contributes to the direct promotion of Turkey.

GP2 Championship consists of eleven legs and Istanbul Park is going to host GP2 between 25-27 August 2006 in line with the racing calendar. The race will be aired from CNN Turk Channel live. The first race of 10th leg of the GP2 Championship, which is a new era for the Turkish motor sports fans, is going to start on 26 August 2006, Saturday at 12:30. The second race will start at 10:30 on 27 August 2006, Sunday...

GP2, a new race for İstanbul Park...

This year Istanbul Park that hosted Formula 1 for the first time last year, is preparing to host GP2 for the first time. The capacity of Istanbul Park circuit is 155 thousand and it is 5,378 km long. The narrowest part is 14 m, wide whereas widest part is 21.5 m. The circuit is listed among the circuits with the highest technology and much favoured by the drivers.

In Istanbul Park, races are held anti-clockwise and there are total of 14 curves, 6 of them being the right curves, and 8 of them are left curves. Drivers have to decrease the gear down to 2nd gear in some parts. Start-finish course is 655.5 m long and including the curve at the end of this course, the vehicles can go up to 300 km/h before third, ninth and eleventh courses.

Jason Tahinci Sanal Haber Merkezi


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